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To become a member, read the membership requirements below. Bring a copy of the completed and signed application along with the sign requirements to your first SOCMM meeting. Please include a payment of $100 for your Black Denim Vest and all your patches(colors).

During your  probationary period, you will be assigned a SOCMM Disciple. Your assigned “Disciple” will nominate you as a full member and all of the full patched members will vote for your promotion. At the end of your probationary period you are required to pay the balance of your colors. If you don’t make the probationary period you will be refunded your $100. 

You may make checks payable to: Servants Of Christ Motorcycle Ministry, Inc.

If you are from out of state, you may mail the membership application to:

Servants Of Christ m.m., Inc.
PO Box 846
Derby, CT 06418


  1. Must have accepted Jesus Christ as your savior and believe that He is the Son of God. (John 3:16)
  2. A member of a Bible Teaching & Spirit Filled church which believes in the Trinity.
  3. Must have a heart of a servant. A man or woman of prayer, having a true burden for souls.
  4. A man or woman of integrity, having strong moral principles.
  5. Courteous. (Showing good manners, polite and having an attitude of gratitude.)
  6. Must have No Live in relationships, out of wed lock.
  7. Free of Addiction to Alcohol and Drugs for a minimum of one year. (The Key word is Addiction)
  8. A member is required to wear SOC mm Colors (Vest) to all functions. Remember we are a ministry not a club and represent Jesus Christ. Colors are not to be taken off and hung on bikes or chairs at any time and they must be worn at all times during ministry.
  9. No smoking or drinking alcohol while wearing Colors at any time.
  10. A member is required to attend SOC mm meetings held once a month and the five SOC mm bike night events. (Member must notify an officer if you are unable to attend.) The member must be punctual. (Strictly observant of an appointed or regular time not late, prompt.)
  11. Vests/Colors will be provided by the Servants of Christ mm. However, the cost of the Colors are the responsibility of the new member during the probationary period.
  12. Colors are always the property of SOC mm. If a member leaves or is asked to leave SOC mm by the proper authority, Colors will be returned to the Ministry in a decent and respectable manner. Money will be returned to a new member, that is not yet a full patch member, if he or she is not accepted.
  13. Must not be a member of another motorcycle group. (Luke 16:13)

Servants Of Christ m.m.
PO Box 846
Derby, CT 06418

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